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Home sweet home!

April 27th, 2010 (11:16 am)


Yesterday I went to view an appartment.
Actually the corp. suggested me a house. But I refused it:
- it was really huge (im not moving as a family)
- it was in poor shape (I had to isolate the attic, there was no kitchen, and there was waterdamage)
- was responsible for the maintenace of the heating/water/gas systems!

So in the morning, I called the corporation, and told them that I wanted more information about that house and that I couldnt reach the landlord, the one who had to show me the house.
The corp.clerk told me that the house was not in a very good shape etc. Then I told him that I thought it was kinda big for all me.. me and me. He'd agree with me. Then I told him that I rather have an appartment then a house.

Then he told me, ow, I do have an appartment for the first om may or june, you name it.
When he told me the exact location, I had to laugh because my friend lives in the same building. Its a very poshy old officershouse (very beautiful, in the forrest, surrounded by lanes of green and beautiful armystyle officer houses and loads of tree's. But the thing is, its completely renovated since august 2009. Its really awesome! It has only one bedroom (huge) but thats ok for now, but the living space is kinda huge. It has a new kitchen with garden view, island style,  windows (double layers glass), completely isolated, high ceilings, nice view> tree's, green, tree's etc, its seriously located in my own running-track!lol, small bathroom totally new, separated toitlet new, the living is L-shaped, the doors are slide ones (very awesome when you think about saving space) the total surface is 65m2. So its not that small for just me or/and ;)
Every resident (5 appartments) has their own seperated car-port and separated bike-port! also every resident has their own basement, where you can stall your washer/dryer etc. (and its kinda huge)

Right now this is the best you can get over there, because of the modern renovations. Also the garden is under construction at the mo.. because this picture is I think from last summer. the stonepath is different now and the grass has to grow back. Ow and I think the tree's are a bit gone on the right..because its totally surrouned by grass (which has to grow back)

The house is located also near to the citycore and trainstation. The rent is E1,13 less then the house they first offered me. The total rent is <E 500,--

So I think I did a good deal. Because the house they offered me was the total of 1 side of this kinda building..!!! So freaking huge! And because of no isolation I had to pay over E250,- extra each month (above rent) for utilities!

Yesterday we went also to IKEA and my mum bought me a plate/cup set, pot-set, wine/soda glasses set.. etc! CRAZY! again, because I have lived on my own several times..
I also looked for a boxspring (somewhere else), I def want a 1.60/1.80 and saw a couple of cool ones. The couch is a diffy.. dont know what colour, I hate leather and those big ones, you know those relax-ones _| 

But yea I will see, a lot to do..

Hope you all'r good!

Take care!



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Its been so long...

April 23rd, 2010 (10:56 am)


For once im home! (just came in)  Im doing very well!
The minor negative detail is, lets start with that;
1. im tired of working 24hour shifts 3 x 24hrs per week!  = 72hrs of work each week!
2. im drafted for afghanistan for now (jan 2011) I will try to get myself OFF the list, because I dont wanna go that time of the year and most of all, ME is having still a relationship! So happy in love! And its allowed to take yourself off the list, because its not mandatory.

Yea for the moment life is good! Life is always good.. duh, but sometimes it can be a drag.
Anyways, Monday I have to view A HOUSE! Serious house! Im gonna live probably in Belgium and 2 days ago I got a phonecall that they have found a house for me. Its military housing corp. but those are really big houses, but because your in the military its cheaper rent. It has a front and back garden, 4 bedrooms, attic, kitchen, living, bathroom etc. Its in a forrest area. So lots of green! I was in shock when I first viewed it from outside. Today im gonna call the landlord, for an real housetour.
Im not sure If I will take it, because its kinda huge, and no, me and boyfriend are not gonna live together, 4now, and kids.. nah not our thing.

Ow yea I failed on my DRIVE THEORY TEST... stupid me, such stupid mistakes I made I was soooo tired just finnished my 24hour shit and straight away I had my test.. 1 mistake toooooo many! argh.. and with the testcases I always passed..
But I will try again nxt week or so.

What else hmm, I dont know.. so much has happened. Its very strange to be home again, also I had to re-enter loads of passwords, because I forgot it all!

Take Care for now, hope you a all are doing well!



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Waiting on a line of greens and blues... Happy Vday!

February 14th, 2010 (03:24 pm)

current mood: bouncy


Happy Hearts Day! and well 2morrow is my bday, alltough I feel its today, like always.
Things are getting a bit more clearer at the airforce base. Im only a little shocked what kind of job im having. Its really something tho! Days of training and playing around are over! This is the real deal, with real world situations. Never would have thought that loads is going on out of side of every-ones-ordinary-peoples eyes!
Also its fun to work close with the American Troopers.
Anyway, we will see..

Im awaiting to start with my driving lessons soon. 

Last week I slept 3nights in the hotel with him.. I was cool, and fun!
I know, its a though maybe rogue situation, but as long im enjoying it and its not that serious, who cares... we will see. and if it goes wrong, ok when it goes wrong, im not in any illusion.. ive been warned!
Also I do know that she knows and I know that his bro and sis know about it.
But thanks for your concern, anway;)

Yesterday I went shopping with my mum in Utrecht, I bought loads of clothing.. and loads of bjorn-borgs and bra's haha... I still have to laugh about my mum's face.. Im sure she noticed something..but all I know, she thinks im with Jos or with James.. omg this is so hilarious.
Last friday, Paul took me out for some chow, was good tho and much fun..
Today, I just finnished baking cookies!!! LOL.. in hearthshape.. omg im pathetic..and they look like that as well! This eve Im going to help Paul on his internship job, its carnaval and he is like a peer/care taker for people (21 > y/o) who suffer from down syndrome to autism. And because I have also my degree in that field Im allowed to help them out. Im sure its gonna be fun!
2morrow Im off to something else, I dont know where he will take me exactly, its a suprise. I think it has to do with the spacecentre. But Im looking forward to it...

Upcomming week I will celebrate my bday with some of my former platoonies.. very exciting! Ow yea and with celine and jes..omg thats gonna be nasty crazy!

For now I'll proceed with listening to MR. Big..im the one who..waiting on a line of greens of blues;)

Take Care!



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February 7th, 2010 (02:44 pm)


Last week I started with my new job for the airforce. A lot of thing are not really clear to me at the moment, so its a bit of a hassle. The people are really nice, truly awesome, sofar.

I finished my first shootingtest, and nailed it.. (LAW missle launcer and old fashion handgrenates)
For the rest I had to do a lot of administration, and had to sign loads of clearance agreements.

Sofar, I really worried about transportation, because I cant really get there, its in the middle of nowhere! Upcomming 6weeks I start with my drivinglessons, normal, transport(truck) and airport/emergency driving stuff.

Next week is my bday.. And my mum and I just had a fight about it. Its because im again NOT AT HOME/AROUND with my bday. This time, its because Im with my CO, off to a short citytrip! Soo freaking cool!
So yea, maybe things are really changing for the moment, were not offcially dating although he told me he is love with me, but lets say everybody knows at base, some friends ,(except my parents, fam etc). Even Paul knows, and he is happy for me, he says, and actually we had a good time yesterday.. I think both of us, just need to do our own thing for the moment, be with somebody else,.. and see from there what will happen.

For now, im happy, maybe im in love, have butterflies etc. I think antartica me, is melting a bit. But it feels good tho. Were both chaotic and off the edge, impulsive etc.. But who knows for how long it will be...

Also I had a good time this weekend with Marian, Seline and Paul, so it was a busy busy funny last week and weekend!

Take Care!


LT out

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Airforce: Im back where I started

January 31st, 2010 (08:08 pm)


2morrow I start a new phase again: I'll have to report at 10am @the airforce. I still dont know  to whom I have to report too and WHERE!, LOL but I guess thats normal over there. I'd actually had to call the base myself, because they didnt even know that I had to report at all! LOL

The airforce, Im back where I started. I dont know for how long...
I had to reschedule my civilian jobinterview for it.

Somehow I do want the civilian job, but also a huge part of me is saying.. Why!
I dont really fit into the civilian world. At the moment I do have too much fun in the military. Im living a fast life, on the edge, off grid prob...
I know It will change 2morrow.
The airforce is a really dif. world compared to the army. Its more prestige and interacts on a more natural base (not so rank-related).
Omg fuck, ranks.. I have to study for that this eve! YIKES.. I totally dont know shit about that one.

Anyway , I will be trained (not basic training and extension because I passed that one already) 2be a aircomando/flight guard... This is just at the moment, because as people know this is not my main interest.
Also I will be heading for Afghanistan prob this autumn.. (but in the military it can always change)The minor thing is that the flightbase is in the middle of nowhere.. ok thats common when its an airport..but still. I dont know how to get there! So I have to find housing. I know I can live off the perimeter..but I dont really like to live nxt to the fighter jet engines..

So this week I will start looking for some temp. new housing.

Also I will miss my gal-friends and the boys..

Last week was strange.
Last monday I found out that I had to report this monday!!! so thats on time,,NO NO NO!
Also my friend, roomie, wasnt there at all, she was in surgery and my other friend, got fired, by trial, last friday!!! And had lawyer meetings some days last week.
But Im not lonely at all.. LOL 
I have a pretty good relationship with the boys and booze..as they will say.
I didnt used the bike a lot last week, because I couldnt bike anymore.. mwwwaaa
Come on, yea judge me, whatever It was my last week.

So my CO, spend 3 days at my place.. I know now, the gossip is out there, and everybody seems to know about us.. And that gives very hilarious situations..
(only at work tho).. because Paul doesnt know, so is his wife. OW LT your wrong..so wrong.
He is 38 y/o dark blonde, blue eyed, kinda big (lol well everybody is), strongly build, funny and like me not so disciplined, officer rank, friendly, a player just like me i guess, social, open, enjoyer of life, very approachable, attractive, he is just like a big bear (no not hairy or that fat! XD) He doesnt has kids but a wife also an officer at the airforce yep the base Im going to, so basicly im death, srewed for life ;) (he totally dislikes her, but I find that bull, then leave you know), anyway he has 3 cats and 2 HUGE DOGS! I LOVE THAT! GUY MUST LOVE DOGS!
For the rest I hate his watch because It glows too much in the dark..lol.

Well what can I say, Im loyal the the game...

Pff well at least I live and have fun..
In that world, nobody really cares, I mean its a way dif. lifestyle. I dont approve it, but just saying it..
And I mean, im sure, no I know, in the film industry its the same, like many other workfields!!! 

Ok enough said... about this.

Im looking forward to 2morrow. Hope you all had a good weekend have a great upcomming week!




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Off the grid

January 16th, 2010 (07:00 pm)


Well last week was flying by fast! 
The thursday before, I went out, on my own, because my friend had to go home earlier. The town where our base is located is common ground for me, so when you walk into a bar, you always know somebody.
Like this time... I only had 3glasses of wine, but started to act crazy, and couldnt walk straight etc. So a dude drove me back to the compound housing, that was before 11pm! I got out of the shower by 00.14am, after puking sooo many times.. I felt soo fucking sick. Also the dude who brought me back had a history of drugs.
Also he kept texting me, about he wants me etc.. Very annoying.

So after the weekend I still felt strange, and one of the senior CO's ordered me to take a drugtest, because I was acting different..
I was relieved when it turned out I tested negative. So I truly think bad-alcohol..

But badass as I am, I went with my, THE CO, on his invitation to a fieldtraining of his platoon.. (he is a instructor of the militairy basictraining school, i'd also attented, he was one of my co's during my basictraining) He picked me and my roommate up at our housing..and we drove to the trainingsite.. And serious it was very funny and awesome.
But the thing is we got caught..by other officers as well as the cadets. Not in action no.. LOL but just that I was there, with him, in his trailer..both drinking, not many clothes.. whatever.  

Yeah I will spare you the details..but we had a good time.
I know..bad!

Thursday night.. the same thing at the bar. But hey, at least Ive got fun, am surrounded by very awesome people at the mo..
Yeah im alive, and kicking! And awaiting for the Airforce!

Being home in the weekend is boring, because I live during the weekdays.. I mean there is my life, being here, home, is boredom, life is def. out there and its 3D!

Take Care!


LT out

some older pics.. basic training school.. my gals..
   Wazz up..

 when the instructors are gone.. gals go..                see my earing.. thats from the shootinglane earlier that day..

Roommate..!                                                                                       Boom Boom, POW!

Soo, we found our dress-up box.. even in the army..              Crazy!

3 girls 1boy.. Action!                                                Lockerroom @base.. xmas prep festivities! bump on head.. night before...lol

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2010 Directing my own life! Love it already! (EXPLICIT! entry can hit you!)

January 3rd, 2010 (03:20 pm)

current mood: cheerful

Happy 2010!

Serious I think that 2010 will be a good year.. I dont know why. But somehow I feel its gonna be a year of change.
The 2008-2009 were the years of political cracks, economical disasters, enviromental reality checks, social-cultural challenges.
To me, I think we needed these sour periods, to embrace the sweetness what will come later, starting in 2010.

For me 2009, was a strange year comparing to the Canada-adventure of  2007 and 2008. I had hoped I could go along with the ride, and did knew more by now about the immigration plan that I have.
But because of the economic fall back of 2008, I couldnt get any good jobs and paid my living not by getting a social-paycheck but by using my own expensive savings money! I cant live of a goverment paid social security check, I cant, if you want to immigrate, they also look into that one.. Also, I dont like the social security stuff, im healty, I can work, I have a good education etc..so why should I take it.. Doesnt look good on your resume either.

Anyway, also I wanted to get into the medical sector, still want to.. thats why I decided to sign up with the army again.. only the recruiting agency has placed me in the wrong sector..
I need medical, medical is my ticket to enter Canada and get a permanent visa, my bachelor of eduction degree isnt enough.
So change of carreer (step up the game as some of my friends say) is goal number 1 for 2010!

Looking back 2009, went very slow at the beginning, working out every day, living.. mwa not really my kind of living, as a saint, non drinking non smoking, non jobbing! but loads of training!
Well It got me into the army and it made me feel very fit..

What I missed most in 2009 was, my social life.. Living back home with your parents is pathetic in my opinion. So here is the second goal of 2010, MOVING OUT..
Still its hard to find a place, just because I dont know, where my carreer will be, if I'll stay in the army I still dont know what my location will be..there are huge chances I will hit the coast..so thats really another direction.. Or if I manage to get the job I really want, I have to move to another location.. See thats what is bugging me.. I need to get my own space again, but I dont know where and when!
But I do miss my independency.. Living back at home, is also be gone always.. not inviting peep's etc.
Dont get me wrong, Im thankful that I could live back home.. but I need a place of my own.. (even my mum looks for housing for me.. she wants me out as well.. haha)

I celebrated the holidays apart from Paul.. This says actually enough.. I even havent gave him the best wishes for 2010. I spoke with some of my friends last weeks, and every time I hear the same things... you and Paul arent ment to be, its not gonna work as a boy-girl-friendrelationship. So thats why I decided to take some time off..to cool things downs.
He has to make the decision about US and Future, in March..but I can tell you now, I have made the decision for him, we will not go together.. unless he shows and comes with very good arguments to do it together..
I dont want to comment muchon what is going on with Paul..but lets say this.. Paul saying one thing and meanwhile doing something(body) else..And expects from me to be a saint and that it is my fault we cant work on a future together because I work abroad..argg (much more in this story.. and no this hasnt anything to do with me and the co-story; action2reaction) 
So goal number three will be, more clearity about me and Paul status.. March 2010
But I will def go.. maybe I do am happy without him..

2005 I guess was the last real driving lesson I had.. so this year freaking 5 years later I have to fullfill this.. I need my licence now more than ever.. its pathetic! Goal number 4 2010 is Driving Licence..


This holiday I had some reality checks, thanks to my friends.
They all told me the same.. Also the friends I made in the army told me the same before the holiday started..
I have to step up the game.. I know this.. I mean, starting from 2004, I had very good jobs, and got paid very well.. in and outside the army/airforce.. I was a warrent-officer, I even went to the officers-academy before 2004, I was a historian and a teacher, I got to Cananda to gain more internatiol work experience.. But when I came back things changed.. yep also mainly because of the economic fall-back, but still, it was a fact, my resume got setback as well.. Thats why I didnt took social securtity money as well.. it doesnt look good when you have a history of that for your nxt boss etc.
The only job, a full contract unlimited, and paid eduction, I could do was > army..
This is where it goes wrong, just because Im placed in the wrong function.. thats why Im even for my feeling back back back back way back square one!  Its not even a stagnant carreer.. its just NO CARREER!
Also my buddies over there told me, as some high rank officers,> "get out of here, your doing your time and wasting your talents".. I know they are right.. I need a job where I can use my eductional level.. because now I feel like just a stupid employer who's owned by the company.. I use the be the company if you get my pic..
Thats what my friends said as well, your comming from a management type of background, not taking "orders"', but giving orders.. at the airforce, army and as a teacher.. you had responsible and respectful jobs. Still lived in my dorm (but yea come on I was only there at the weekends, cheap saving money) Even wanted to buy a house, steady relationship with Paul (yea we once had that), went 3 times a year on a holiday break (summer/winter and a weekend trip).. (yea now when I look back to that, thats just fucking disgraceful!)
Loads of friends, in and outside the army, yep but the majority doesnt live nearby anymore.. But yea, they're right, I led a very independent good happy life..

And only ME can get that back!

So yea, I need to step up the game and direct my own life again instead of let it directing me..
So 2010 I love YA and I will take the challenges and Oppertunities!

2010 DRABBLES (this is my mind talking, this is me, my opinion, so if you feel stigmatized or hurt.. im sorry but cant help it)

Its true, you can be dissatisfied about your own life, be angry and sad about the way things are going..
You can blame it on other people, you can blame it on yourself..
Even life, and the way things are going, can be a negative player to you...
You can cry your eyes out, for wanting to have another life, to do things differently,
In your dreams, you can picture yourself, beautiful, thin, succesful, and even popular..
And you ask yourself, why cant anybody see, picture me, as the person Iam in my dreams?
Its not a blog where the amount of your online friends match up on how succesful you are.. or fill in the emptyness of having a social-life...
Life is too good, life is awesome, life is full of chances, life is full of challenges, life is hard, life is too beautiful to be a benchsitter..
Life is now and yes it can be a bitch sometimes!
But when you look back, with or without your children, hopefully you can tell them, yourself, partner, friend etc, about your adventures, about your experiences, about your joys and sorrows, about your wins and your losses, about life itself.. instead of all the time you have wasted life away by sitting at home, staring at your pc screen, watching tv, making arguments about the most stupid things, comparing yourself with others who are in your eyes succesful or a even annoying to you, or waste life because you are even too fat to play, participate in life, because food has eaten you away.. Its not worth it..

                                          AND FOR THE WAY YOU WANNA LIVE IT!
                                          SO IF YOUR UNHAPPY, CHANGE IT!
                                    * LIFE IS NOW!*

I know these words can be knocking confronting.. But thats how it works with me.. I need to see that, need to have a reminder..
Still I have my head up high and and feel great, Welcome 2010, I will go out and play!

Take Care!



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December 23rd, 2009 (09:42 pm)

current mood: cheerful


Ok, lets start with the bad-ass stuff, first.
Already during basic training, Im close with one of my CO's.. (a warrant officer)
He is a couple of years older then I am..so that is also something dif. then usual.
And you can see a glimp of him in the pictures somewhere in my previous entries.

Anyway.. He is one of my drink buddies, I KNOW WRONG! 
Last week we had xmas drinks/party's every day! Serious sick!
Being still drunk during morning flag-greeting.. I KNOW WRONG!

So on a tuesday eve, he calls me.. "yea, im in the neigbourhoud and thought I drop by".. (There is nothing to do over there, only army housing.. sure in the neighbourhood..;D)
My roomie wasnt there at the mo, because she was shopping food for ME! hahaha (yea thats how you do that..)
So there he was, standing tall... And the rest is your own imagination.. I KNOW WRONG!

My roomie responded suprised with an very evil grin when she got back from shopping, with him still being there, buckled up again (lucky hell lol), and telling her the same thing; i was in the neighbourhood.. LOL classic!

Later that eve we went to the 2nd xmas party of that week (and it was only tuesday).. well it was big fun.. the same goes for Wednesday eve.. and omg Thursday, was toooo worse! I made out with one of my squatmates.. Just kissing, but still.. I KNOW WRONG.. Also we had to support my roomy and michael (6.6ft about 2.10cm) back to the appt. Well that was a hassle in the snow...
Friday we had xmas bowl .. loads of gluwine.. afterwards me, J and Sof, went with our warrant-officer.. yea the one mentioned above, again to the bar, for the enddrink.. this because Sof is officially fired!!!! (AWOL)

So I was very doped up last friday.. but had a very awesome week, ow and drove a IVECO M65 vehicle.. freaking awesome!..  Yea networking is paying off...
Minor detail: lost; 3 scarfs! 1 hat, forgot to put my bike in the locker!!! totally must have passed it when I got out of the bar, on my way to the trainstation.. hope its still there.. forgot to take a part of the laundry with me.. lol 

Ok wazz up now?

Went to Amsterdam with my roomie last sunday.. Was freaking awesome, only.. why! DAmn railroads.. one snowflake and the entire transportation is out of service..

Monday went to see my long time no see friend, Vera.. totally cool to see her again! She is still the same, drinking&smoking.. And yea I think she looked stunning! with her new teeth.. lol

Tuesday, I went 2 the gym, and lost a bet with Penny (5K <23.05min), so 3 rounds of bodycombat, serious my lip is still swollen.. and yea it was damn bleeding.. im sure it will take at least a week or some when its healed.. I lost 2 rounds.. 1 Win.. And had to pay!!!! 20 EURO .. but that was for charity anyway (local foodbank)
And serious fucking hurt in my left upperarm. But it was a good experience.. I think I can be proud of myself.. im not a pro and she is, besides that, im 5.2ft she is 5,9ft, i weigh 51,7kg (112 lbs) she is 74kg (163 lbs)..

Today, wednesday, Paul and me went 2the SPA.. Yea bubbling hotsprings etc.. very relaxing. But still I cant relax, honestly I think its a waste of money, stupid luxery.. If we didnt had the free ticks I wouldnt have gone in the first place.
Also, now sitting here, I have rash every where..
And, people were starring at my lip all the time.. also Paul was LOL..

Thursday, stupid xmas shopping..

Xmasday, @home! ok I will not comment about that one yet.

And then, 2nd day of Xmas (boxing day or the fuck you wanna call it) omg thats gonna be sooo master bad ass like!
Me and seline will have a raclette xmas dinner, with loads of bottles of Red, after, we go to Summers, where we meet up with others..for the xmas party what will last to 5AM.. so thats gonna very sick! 
But im sure it was be serious fun!

And JUMPSCHOOL this SUMMER! Hopefully I get my wings.. 7 Solo Jumps..

Ok thats it... a LT style entry.. RAW&SICK

Have an awesome Xmas.. think about the world, its not only about food, (drinks) and presents!


LT out
aka KilleronPayroll


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Much going on..

December 5th, 2009 (08:19 pm)


Ok last time..


1> Wingmen
Ive been asked by crisis-intervention department and my J's mom, to become J's wingmen.. Well im honored.. J is the girl who tried to kill herself some weeks ago. She's back. I dont think this is a good idea. I mean, the army isnt a good enviroment for unstable minds..
Also, loads of people over there, truly HATE her! Serious.. I know its stupid, but thats the way it is.
I cant be a her guard or some. She has to do it on her own. I do want to help her but I dont know how to. Being there, means, play ball.. and not play victim, bench sitter.

Yes I do see her as my friend, but I can only listen to her, this is truly her beef...
Also I have to much things to handle on my own at the moment.
Im still busy with my things.. it goes slowly.. but its paying off.

I cant carry every ones probs on my bag..
But yea, I be the good girl again.. ok I will try!
But cant promise anything!

2> Charity and Hypocrates!
Me, J and other army brats volunteerd on our free day for the army project > beat hunger and cold.. (army gives back to community) So we gave food, blankets, toys etc to homeless and low-income fam's.
It was cool but very poigant. I mean there were so many young people! among them. Also lots ot teenage moms!

Serious, and then you see and hear bystanders; doing their holiday shoppings. Complaining families, fighting about FOOD/SHOPPING.. then also dare to say that they donate to charity...
Yea right..
I hate these kind of people..sorry.. "Yea we donate money.. meanwhile; TV is their life and so is FOOD! Like they have done a good thing by giving money.. this goes also for the people who socalled supported s4k and call amanda tapping an inspiration.. but still fucking only care about food! arggh9284732grarggg

Ow did I just said that.. who cares, im sure im so right on this one!

3> Medical
Last week I got an invitation for THE jobinterview I so wanna do! its a 2years bachelor program, fully paid, to become a medic..
its in feb.. im already nervous.. because if I get it, thats my free ride to immigrate 2Canada!

4> Driving License
I finally restart my driving lessons again! I had hoped for january..but it will be likely in March! There is a freaking waiting list!

5> Xmas and Seline
Seline and me will celebrate Xmas 2009 in the bar.. Yep B-Addicts like us, perfectly fit in over there!

6> Xmas and J
Me and J will celebrate pre Xmas in the bar.. Also me and J perfectly fit in there..

7> Xmas and V
How horrible it may sound, me and Vera will also celebrate pre Xmas in the bar.. Winebottle like us, will come home again..

8> Xmas and Paul
Me and paul will celebrate Xmas in the spa-sanadome! Very relaxing!

9> Xmas and Marian
Marian will not not not not not not not get a xmas card this year AGAIN! ...

10> I bought a new bike.. very cheap but brand new!

Take Care for Now!



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November 28th, 2009 (06:39 pm)


So this was my last week @home.
It has been long enough!

So my "dad", is with retirement.. and we all have to suffer from it.

TEN things I hate about it sofar:

1. He cant do anything on his own, he is NOT independent at all!
2. Keeps staring out of the window and has to report everything.
3. He keeps cleaning the house, and toiletpaper is his obsession.
4. Keeps looking (is obsessed for ages) @porn on tv and computer. And bothers me with that! Pathetic loser! Also keeps asking me questions about lovelife, wants 2know if im still in freaking virgin??? Im 28 y/o, dealt with boys before, go fucking to a institute and bother other people with this! I have had enough of this!
5. Starts to make dinner already 4 hours in advance, because of lonelyness and boredom.
6. Keeps asking the same questions over and over, and never understands the answers.
7. Wants me to buy "sex and the city " for him, well isnt that show for fashionitas and gay's? in their 30ties? Its only because of the word SEX he wants to see it.
8. Wants to have a dog again, so history starts over again, he only wants to walk the dog because of the woman he can meet up with, and put them again above his own family.
9. He doesnt know how to do the laundry and is affraid to travel by train.
10. HE just doesnt understand we cant see him for full, all the things he has done to us and still does, he being an adult acting like a little pshych child.

Cant and wont deal with people who are sick in their head..

For the rest im happy to go back to work on sunday! One of the reasons I joined the forces is also because there I can deal with my frustrations about loads of stuff!

Dont get me wrong, I had a great weekend and a very awesome week, but being back home brings back everything, everything why I left it in the first place.
I heard last week, I have new housing > The Hilton!!! Fucking awesome!

Take Care,



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