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Much going on..

December 5th, 2009 (08:19 pm)


Ok last time..


1> Wingmen
Ive been asked by crisis-intervention department and my J's mom, to become J's wingmen.. Well im honored.. J is the girl who tried to kill herself some weeks ago. She's back. I dont think this is a good idea. I mean, the army isnt a good enviroment for unstable minds..
Also, loads of people over there, truly HATE her! Serious.. I know its stupid, but thats the way it is.
I cant be a her guard or some. She has to do it on her own. I do want to help her but I dont know how to. Being there, means, play ball.. and not play victim, bench sitter.

Yes I do see her as my friend, but I can only listen to her, this is truly her beef...
Also I have to much things to handle on my own at the moment.
Im still busy with my things.. it goes slowly.. but its paying off.

I cant carry every ones probs on my bag..
But yea, I be the good girl again.. ok I will try!
But cant promise anything!

2> Charity and Hypocrates!
Me, J and other army brats volunteerd on our free day for the army project > beat hunger and cold.. (army gives back to community) So we gave food, blankets, toys etc to homeless and low-income fam's.
It was cool but very poigant. I mean there were so many young people! among them. Also lots ot teenage moms!

Serious, and then you see and hear bystanders; doing their holiday shoppings. Complaining families, fighting about FOOD/SHOPPING.. then also dare to say that they donate to charity...
Yea right..
I hate these kind of people..sorry.. "Yea we donate money.. meanwhile; TV is their life and so is FOOD! Like they have done a good thing by giving money.. this goes also for the people who socalled supported s4k and call amanda tapping an inspiration.. but still fucking only care about food! arggh9284732grarggg

Ow did I just said that.. who cares, im sure im so right on this one!

3> Medical
Last week I got an invitation for THE jobinterview I so wanna do! its a 2years bachelor program, fully paid, to become a medic..
its in feb.. im already nervous.. because if I get it, thats my free ride to immigrate 2Canada!

4> Driving License
I finally restart my driving lessons again! I had hoped for january..but it will be likely in March! There is a freaking waiting list!

5> Xmas and Seline
Seline and me will celebrate Xmas 2009 in the bar.. Yep B-Addicts like us, perfectly fit in over there!

6> Xmas and J
Me and J will celebrate pre Xmas in the bar.. Also me and J perfectly fit in there..

7> Xmas and V
How horrible it may sound, me and Vera will also celebrate pre Xmas in the bar.. Winebottle like us, will come home again..

8> Xmas and Paul
Me and paul will celebrate Xmas in the spa-sanadome! Very relaxing!

9> Xmas and Marian
Marian will not not not not not not not get a xmas card this year AGAIN! ...

10> I bought a new bike.. very cheap but brand new!

Take Care for Now!