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December 23rd, 2009 (09:42 pm)

current mood: cheerful


Ok, lets start with the bad-ass stuff, first.
Already during basic training, Im close with one of my CO's.. (a warrant officer)
He is a couple of years older then I am..so that is also something dif. then usual.
And you can see a glimp of him in the pictures somewhere in my previous entries.

Anyway.. He is one of my drink buddies, I KNOW WRONG! 
Last week we had xmas drinks/party's every day! Serious sick!
Being still drunk during morning flag-greeting.. I KNOW WRONG!

So on a tuesday eve, he calls me.. "yea, im in the neigbourhoud and thought I drop by".. (There is nothing to do over there, only army housing.. sure in the neighbourhood..;D)
My roomie wasnt there at the mo, because she was shopping food for ME! hahaha (yea thats how you do that..)
So there he was, standing tall... And the rest is your own imagination.. I KNOW WRONG!

My roomie responded suprised with an very evil grin when she got back from shopping, with him still being there, buckled up again (lucky hell lol), and telling her the same thing; i was in the neighbourhood.. LOL classic!

Later that eve we went to the 2nd xmas party of that week (and it was only tuesday).. well it was big fun.. the same goes for Wednesday eve.. and omg Thursday, was toooo worse! I made out with one of my squatmates.. Just kissing, but still.. I KNOW WRONG.. Also we had to support my roomy and michael (6.6ft about 2.10cm) back to the appt. Well that was a hassle in the snow...
Friday we had xmas bowl .. loads of gluwine.. afterwards me, J and Sof, went with our warrant-officer.. yea the one mentioned above, again to the bar, for the enddrink.. this because Sof is officially fired!!!! (AWOL)

So I was very doped up last friday.. but had a very awesome week, ow and drove a IVECO M65 vehicle.. freaking awesome!..  Yea networking is paying off...
Minor detail: lost; 3 scarfs! 1 hat, forgot to put my bike in the locker!!! totally must have passed it when I got out of the bar, on my way to the trainstation.. hope its still there.. forgot to take a part of the laundry with me.. lol 

Ok wazz up now?

Went to Amsterdam with my roomie last sunday.. Was freaking awesome, only.. why! DAmn railroads.. one snowflake and the entire transportation is out of service..

Monday went to see my long time no see friend, Vera.. totally cool to see her again! She is still the same, drinking&smoking.. And yea I think she looked stunning! with her new teeth.. lol

Tuesday, I went 2 the gym, and lost a bet with Penny (5K <23.05min), so 3 rounds of bodycombat, serious my lip is still swollen.. and yea it was damn bleeding.. im sure it will take at least a week or some when its healed.. I lost 2 rounds.. 1 Win.. And had to pay!!!! 20 EURO .. but that was for charity anyway (local foodbank)
And serious fucking hurt in my left upperarm. But it was a good experience.. I think I can be proud of myself.. im not a pro and she is, besides that, im 5.2ft she is 5,9ft, i weigh 51,7kg (112 lbs) she is 74kg (163 lbs)..

Today, wednesday, Paul and me went 2the SPA.. Yea bubbling hotsprings etc.. very relaxing. But still I cant relax, honestly I think its a waste of money, stupid luxery.. If we didnt had the free ticks I wouldnt have gone in the first place.
Also, now sitting here, I have rash every where..
And, people were starring at my lip all the time.. also Paul was LOL..

Thursday, stupid xmas shopping..

Xmasday, @home! ok I will not comment about that one yet.

And then, 2nd day of Xmas (boxing day or the fuck you wanna call it) omg thats gonna be sooo master bad ass like!
Me and seline will have a raclette xmas dinner, with loads of bottles of Red, after, we go to Summers, where we meet up with others..for the xmas party what will last to 5AM.. so thats gonna very sick! 
But im sure it was be serious fun!

And JUMPSCHOOL this SUMMER! Hopefully I get my wings.. 7 Solo Jumps..

Ok thats it... a LT style entry.. RAW&SICK

Have an awesome Xmas.. think about the world, its not only about food, (drinks) and presents!


LT out
aka KilleronPayroll