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Off the grid

January 16th, 2010 (07:00 pm)


Well last week was flying by fast! 
The thursday before, I went out, on my own, because my friend had to go home earlier. The town where our base is located is common ground for me, so when you walk into a bar, you always know somebody.
Like this time... I only had 3glasses of wine, but started to act crazy, and couldnt walk straight etc. So a dude drove me back to the compound housing, that was before 11pm! I got out of the shower by 00.14am, after puking sooo many times.. I felt soo fucking sick. Also the dude who brought me back had a history of drugs.
Also he kept texting me, about he wants me etc.. Very annoying.

So after the weekend I still felt strange, and one of the senior CO's ordered me to take a drugtest, because I was acting different..
I was relieved when it turned out I tested negative. So I truly think bad-alcohol..

But badass as I am, I went with my, THE CO, on his invitation to a fieldtraining of his platoon.. (he is a instructor of the militairy basictraining school, i'd also attented, he was one of my co's during my basictraining) He picked me and my roommate up at our housing..and we drove to the trainingsite.. And serious it was very funny and awesome.
But the thing is we got caught..by other officers as well as the cadets. Not in action no.. LOL but just that I was there, with him, in his trailer..both drinking, not many clothes.. whatever.  

Yeah I will spare you the details..but we had a good time.
I know..bad!

Thursday night.. the same thing at the bar. But hey, at least Ive got fun, am surrounded by very awesome people at the mo..
Yeah im alive, and kicking! And awaiting for the Airforce!

Being home in the weekend is boring, because I live during the weekdays.. I mean there is my life, being here, home, is boredom, life is def. out there and its 3D!

Take Care!


LT out

some older pics.. basic training school.. my gals..
   Wazz up..

 when the instructors are gone.. gals go..                see my earing.. thats from the shootinglane earlier that day..

Roommate..!                                                                                       Boom Boom, POW!

Soo, we found our dress-up box.. even in the army..              Crazy!

3 girls 1boy.. Action!                                                Lockerroom @base.. xmas prep festivities! bump on head.. night before...lol