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February 7th, 2010 (02:44 pm)


Last week I started with my new job for the airforce. A lot of thing are not really clear to me at the moment, so its a bit of a hassle. The people are really nice, truly awesome, sofar.

I finished my first shootingtest, and nailed it.. (LAW missle launcer and old fashion handgrenates)
For the rest I had to do a lot of administration, and had to sign loads of clearance agreements.

Sofar, I really worried about transportation, because I cant really get there, its in the middle of nowhere! Upcomming 6weeks I start with my drivinglessons, normal, transport(truck) and airport/emergency driving stuff.

Next week is my bday.. And my mum and I just had a fight about it. Its because im again NOT AT HOME/AROUND with my bday. This time, its because Im with my CO, off to a short citytrip! Soo freaking cool!
So yea, maybe things are really changing for the moment, were not offcially dating although he told me he is love with me, but lets say everybody knows at base, some friends ,(except my parents, fam etc). Even Paul knows, and he is happy for me, he says, and actually we had a good time yesterday.. I think both of us, just need to do our own thing for the moment, be with somebody else,.. and see from there what will happen.

For now, im happy, maybe im in love, have butterflies etc. I think antartica me, is melting a bit. But it feels good tho. Were both chaotic and off the edge, impulsive etc.. But who knows for how long it will be...

Also I had a good time this weekend with Marian, Seline and Paul, so it was a busy busy funny last week and weekend!

Take Care!


LT out


Posted by: Sandy (sandyakanouchka)
Posted at: February 13th, 2010 08:43 pm (UTC)

Errr... I thought he was married...and thud unavailable?? Don't get yourself into his mess... He is away from home, got a poor marriage... I doubt he cares about you in the same way.

Sorry for being pessimistic. It's just nasty imho.

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