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Its been so long...

April 23rd, 2010 (10:56 am)


For once im home! (just came in)  Im doing very well!
The minor negative detail is, lets start with that;
1. im tired of working 24hour shifts 3 x 24hrs per week!  = 72hrs of work each week!
2. im drafted for afghanistan for now (jan 2011) I will try to get myself OFF the list, because I dont wanna go that time of the year and most of all, ME is having still a relationship! So happy in love! And its allowed to take yourself off the list, because its not mandatory.

Yea for the moment life is good! Life is always good.. duh, but sometimes it can be a drag.
Anyways, Monday I have to view A HOUSE! Serious house! Im gonna live probably in Belgium and 2 days ago I got a phonecall that they have found a house for me. Its military housing corp. but those are really big houses, but because your in the military its cheaper rent. It has a front and back garden, 4 bedrooms, attic, kitchen, living, bathroom etc. Its in a forrest area. So lots of green! I was in shock when I first viewed it from outside. Today im gonna call the landlord, for an real housetour.
Im not sure If I will take it, because its kinda huge, and no, me and boyfriend are not gonna live together, 4now, and kids.. nah not our thing.

Ow yea I failed on my DRIVE THEORY TEST... stupid me, such stupid mistakes I made I was soooo tired just finnished my 24hour shit and straight away I had my test.. 1 mistake toooooo many! argh.. and with the testcases I always passed..
But I will try again nxt week or so.

What else hmm, I dont know.. so much has happened. Its very strange to be home again, also I had to re-enter loads of passwords, because I forgot it all!

Take Care for now, hope you a all are doing well!