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Home sweet home!

April 27th, 2010 (11:16 am)


Yesterday I went to view an appartment.
Actually the corp. suggested me a house. But I refused it:
- it was really huge (im not moving as a family)
- it was in poor shape (I had to isolate the attic, there was no kitchen, and there was waterdamage)
- was responsible for the maintenace of the heating/water/gas systems!

So in the morning, I called the corporation, and told them that I wanted more information about that house and that I couldnt reach the landlord, the one who had to show me the house.
The corp.clerk told me that the house was not in a very good shape etc. Then I told him that I thought it was kinda big for all me.. me and me. He'd agree with me. Then I told him that I rather have an appartment then a house.

Then he told me, ow, I do have an appartment for the first om may or june, you name it.
When he told me the exact location, I had to laugh because my friend lives in the same building. Its a very poshy old officershouse (very beautiful, in the forrest, surrounded by lanes of green and beautiful armystyle officer houses and loads of tree's. But the thing is, its completely renovated since august 2009. Its really awesome! It has only one bedroom (huge) but thats ok for now, but the living space is kinda huge. It has a new kitchen with garden view, island style,  windows (double layers glass), completely isolated, high ceilings, nice view> tree's, green, tree's etc, its seriously located in my own running-track!lol, small bathroom totally new, separated toitlet new, the living is L-shaped, the doors are slide ones (very awesome when you think about saving space) the total surface is 65m2. So its not that small for just me or/and ;)
Every resident (5 appartments) has their own seperated car-port and separated bike-port! also every resident has their own basement, where you can stall your washer/dryer etc. (and its kinda huge)

Right now this is the best you can get over there, because of the modern renovations. Also the garden is under construction at the mo.. because this picture is I think from last summer. the stonepath is different now and the grass has to grow back. Ow and I think the tree's are a bit gone on the right..because its totally surrouned by grass (which has to grow back)

The house is located also near to the citycore and trainstation. The rent is E1,13 less then the house they first offered me. The total rent is <E 500,--

So I think I did a good deal. Because the house they offered me was the total of 1 side of this kinda building..!!! So freaking huge! And because of no isolation I had to pay over E250,- extra each month (above rent) for utilities!

Yesterday we went also to IKEA and my mum bought me a plate/cup set, pot-set, wine/soda glasses set.. etc! CRAZY! again, because I have lived on my own several times..
I also looked for a boxspring (somewhere else), I def want a 1.60/1.80 and saw a couple of cool ones. The couch is a diffy.. dont know what colour, I hate leather and those big ones, you know those relax-ones _| 

But yea I will see, a lot to do..

Hope you all'r good!

Take care!




Posted by: suligain (suligain)
Posted at: April 13th, 2011 09:27 am (UTC)

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Posted by: piduymir (piduymir)
Posted at: April 13th, 2011 11:29 pm (UTC)

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